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Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m a 33 year old Canadian male Human. I consider myself a “seeker” – I have a natural and insatiable thirst for unconventional information and knowledge. My experiences and hierarchy of values lead me to individualism and civic nationalism. I’m also a gamer. I love computers and Nintendo. Let me tell you the story of how “” came to be. Like so many things, it started out as a mistake.

Basically, I’m a Facebook exile.

Over the past 8 or so years, I had accumulated around 5,000 randoms between my friend list & followers. During that period of time, I slowly turned my Facebook from a closed & private list to an open & public record of the strange ideas I explored and unusual things I read on the internets. I went through many many phases, but my objectives on there were to demonstrate thinking outside the suffocating boundaries of mainstream media culture and to facilitate discussion. It’s just something I feel drawn to do.

Here’s a random scattershot sample.

How did you respond when you discovered that your natural honesty and kindness are relentlessly exploited by the governments, media, academia, and all sorts of NGO’s from the cradle to the grave? Words are not violence, criticism is not an attack, disagreement is not hate. Did you know that not all Human souls developed here in the Earth reincarnation cycle? Borders are reasonable – how about that?! There are two genders. Capitalism works better than all other systems that have been attempted. All religious institutions are corrupt but the premise of Christianity is true, although I can never be a theist. I recognize the energy of the universe and how it responds to the energy of one’s soul. I believe that every individual should be recognized and respected as a unique combination of temperament, location in space/time, hierarchy of values, experiences, and relationships. Humans are not 100% blank slates to be programmed by education and the media – we each have a natural temperament that we must learn to respect and figure out how to work with. Consciousness is not a byproduct of chemical reactions; your internal self is forever, and they can never control it. Freedom of Speech is the Highest Principle. WikiLeaks, Snowden, Assange, Facebook = NSA = Google. Occupy.

Hell, I even got over 100,000 shares on a collection of Creepy Joe images. It’s possible that a lot of the memes came out of that!

Did I get a time-out? Did I catch a ban?

Nope, all they did was disappear it. Seriously!!

You know, that kind of thing.

“But Jeremy, that doesn’t seem like the kind of thing Facebook would ban you for! Why would they do such a thing?”

That’s right. Everything was fine, as long as I was posting about ideas and concepts that were irrelevant to the power structure. But then, things changed. Everything I learned, everything I cared about, and my hierarchy of values led me to advocate for populist nationalism. Simply because of that, I became the enemy of what can be described as “social justice leftism,” or “globalist liberalism,” or “intersectional identitarianism”.

My values are in line with “classical English liberalism”. I think that the ideas that came out of the “enlightenment” are viable and beneficial to honest people. This is not the same as modern – collectivist – liberalism. I am not a conservative, and I am not a progressive.

I believe that society and government should respect the freedom and autonomy of every individual. That is what individualism means. Many people seem to believe that individualism means “myself over all others”.

They are wrong.

I want minimal government, rule of law, secularism, national sovereignty, and low-friction trade of goods and services. Everyone should be able to speak their minds without fear of being wrong or misunderstood, even though they may be wrong or misunderstood.

That’s why my Facebook account got deleted. It’s because I dare to hold and express opinions that the “social justice left” disagrees with. These people honestly believe that they’re on a morally righteous (and childishly idealistic) crusade to end “hate” in the world. Curiously, they do so by lying about, harassing, de-platforming, or physically assaulting anyone whom their thought-leaders label as “hateful“. The ends justify the means for these types, always. It’s all about power (they use tactics out of Rules for Radicals by Alinsky). I’m talking, of course, about the likes of various “Antifa” or (Orwellian) “anti-hate” groups, their enablers in positions of political power, Marxist educators, and the media/money masters. Media Matters, the SLPC, the ADL, and Open Societies Foundations.

So, they disabled my account. They don’t tell you specifically why, it’s totally opaque. Like an electronic printer on the wall giving you tickets for speaking naughty words. This is all you get.

My old account is gone forever – but that’s okay. I downloaded the 5GB archive. The experience taught me that I wasn’t allocating my time properly.

What was the mistake, though? Well, I registered “” through Outlook as a means to get my own domain/email. It was an impulse buy and a waste of $25. That led me to exploring GoDaddy and buying the “.ca” version and with a basic $12 hosting plan which wasn’t good enough for the most simple traffic.. so I upgraded it one tier. Probably not the best host and probably spent too much money, but I’ll build out here for now.

So, here we are. My new home base on the internets. My domain. Under my control. I could have done it earlier, but the timing was wrong.

The plan for this site is currently to be a blog and a basic computer shop. One step at a time, eh?

I’ve been micro-blogging on Facebook and Twitter for so long that I’ve forgotten how satisfying long form posts could be. I used to write decent ones back when I used LiveJournal. Maybe I should go back and read some old posts to get all nostalgic. Anyway…

I’ll be expanding the site forever, and using social media as more of an extension than a central hub. I’ve stuck with the username “Reverb256” for a while and it has grown on me. I chose it for a few good reasons. In the future, I’ll be adding subdomains for different sections and links. Not yet, though. Not yet.

This is my first domain that I’ve put to use on making my first real website.


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