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The Principle of Free Speech

If discourse is the lifeblood of democracy, the corporate media is a severe blood clot. The same applies to any ideology that leads one self-censor or shut other opinions up/out.

The Principle of ‘Free Speech’, which predates and supersedes all of the legal interpretations, is about having the freedom to formulate ideas, badly and awkwardly, in public, while you’re trying to think them through.

It’s for the disadvantaged to voice their grievances without those in power shutting them up.

It’s also about being responsible enough to recognize and accept the fact that there are people who think differently than you, and to seek understanding instead of jumping to the worst possible conclusion about the motivations behind someone’s words when they say something you don’t like.

Are you capable of handling that responsibility?

“The ability to formulate ideas, imperfectly striving to share as concepts are unfolding within without fear of condemnation or complete misunderstanding is the first step to freedom of speech, freedom to think and liberty of soul expression.”